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2022-2023 Elementary & Primary School 

Choose from three product-line tiers.

Inside of a datebook featuring days vertically and subjects horizontally for every day of the week. Spelling list for every week. Facts, rule of thumb, and book of the week on bottom.
The Create features bilingual headings, ample writing space, factoids, a spelling list, reading tracking, and character building.
Inside of a datebook featuring vertical days and subjects horizontally for every day. Character question and reflection weekly with character check daily. Spelling list for each week.
Building student character, strengthening values, and creating positive traits — CHARACTER COUNTS!® is one of the most popular character-based and social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, proven to transform school climates and create positive student outcomes.

Esteem Elementary Matrix weekly spread
The Esteem Datebook was developed to help students use planning skills to reinforce social-emotional learning. It promotes a positive environment for learning and growth, where students feel physically and emotionally safe.
Foundations Elementary Matrix weekly spread
The Foundations Datebook was created to reinforce the development of The 7 Habits®. It empowers students to improve their futures through positive change and personal choice.

Keystone weekly spread
The Keystone’s block layout helps keep students organized with times or subjects displayed vertically. Other features include graduate school exam primers, choice of quote theme, and your crest or mascot as a watermark.
Trek weekly spread
The Trek design offers optimal space to include organization enhancements that your school needs, such as notes, comments, progress reports, or hall passes. With the most customization available, this design reflects any school’s creativity and style.

Give your students the written advantage with School Datebooks.

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