2023-2024 Covers

Personalized Covers

Budget-friendly personalization in a snap!

Personalized cardstock covers feature your school name and logo/mascot in black ink. Choose one of our designs and make it yours!

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Spirit Covers

Add your school name and mascot/logo, printed in one color.

Choose one of our 18 standard school colors, or give us your custom color. These cardstock covers make for a great budget-friendly option to add to any datebook order.

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Window Covers

Add a professional look to your datebook!

Show off your title page information when you add a window cover to your datebook. Handbook pages must be ordered for your school name to appear through the window. Size and availability of these professionally designed window covers vary by design.

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Custom — Cardstock, PolyFusion™, and Action Covers

Upgrade any datebook with a cover as unique as your school!

Choose a custom design to put on your Custom Cardstock, Custom PolyFusion™, or Custom Action cover. Choose from one of our templates, or create your own.

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Inside and Back Covers

Customized Cardstock, Spirit, Personalized, and Action covers come with full-color inside and back cover printing.

All inside front covers automatically feature a North America map. (Action inside front covers are blank.) All back covers feature a 4-year calendar. All Mid-Size and Large inside back covers display a unit conversions chart. All Small inside back covers display the periodic table of elements.

Want to change the inside or back cover options? Contact us for an upgrade! Custom inside cover printing available with PolyFusion™, Cardstock, Spirit, and Action covers.

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Give your students the written advantage with School Datebooks.

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