January 12, 2023

Which Datebook is Right for Me

Finding a time management tool that works for your students can be difficult. With distractions all around them, students now more than ever need a way to keep track of tasks at school and at home. Planners are the best way to develop organizational skills in students but with so […]
November 29, 2022

Closing the COVID-19 Slide with Planners

After years of adjusting to the ‘new normal,’ schools are finally returning to fully in-person learning environments. Despite being back in the classroom, students are still experiencing the effects of COVID-19 on their education. With many schools having been unprepared to move their classrooms online at the beginning of the […]
November 29, 2022

1:1 – Computers + Physical Planners = Student Success

As technology becomes more and more common in schools, finding the right balance between devices and traditional mediums like paper and pencil has become increasingly difficult for students. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many schools scrambling to find technology for students to use while at home, leading to an increase in […]