Trek College Large 20-21 | School Datebooks

Trek College 20-21

1-, 2-, or Full-color design

The Trek design offers optimal space to include organization enhancements your school needs, such as notes, comments, progress reports, or hall passes. With the most customization available, this design reflects any school’s creativity and style.

Minimum Order 10.


Crest or Mascot – Add your school crest or mascot as a watermark.
Subjects – Include subject listings to fit your school.
Daily Events – List your school’s events on their respective days each week, including weekends.
Vocabulary – Each week features two vocabulary words with their definitions to promote learning.
Quote Themes – Choose from 6 quote themes or submit your own to appear each week.
Options – Choose up to two to place on each week: Notes, Hall Pass, Parent/Teacher Comments, Progress Report, Study Planner, Weekly Goals, or Photos*
* Photos can only be placed on right page in spread.
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