School Datebooks + Pikmykid Making School Days Safer & Less Stressful

See why other School Datebooks customers (and thousands more worldwide) trust Pikmykid to help transform their daily and emergency operations.

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The easy-to-use platform helping you keep kids safe

With a combination of tools built to increase safety throughout the day, Pikmykid helps you create a stress-free experience for staff and parents during daily processes like dismissal, issuing hall passes, and even when big or small emergencies occur on campus.


Trusted by 2,000+ schools across the world.


Exclusive Offer for School Datebooks Customers

Whether you want to leverage the whole suite of tools or just one, School Datebooks customers will receive free setup, training and SIS integration.

This offer helps you get up and running quicker while keeping your daily student information updated, removing manual entry for staff.


Enjoy a seamless experience

By using Pikmykid for your daily and emergency operations, you’re able to simplify the process of accounting for students and keeping them safe throughout the entire school day.


Dismissal Management

Imagine never having to answer another dismissal related phone call again! With a streamlined process, dismissal runs faster with less confusion and parents feel relieved knowing their kids are safer during arrival and dismissal.


Emergency Alert System

Equip your staff with a silent panic button app to quickly report an emergency the instant it happens. Prepare for every emergency, big or small, with a high quality and reliable tool that goes with you wherever you go.


Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day. With a real-time view of active or expired hall passes, you’ll be able to build in safety.


Emergency Reunification

Securely reunite students with their families during or after an emergency. With a tool that complies with the Standard Reunification Method, you’re fully prepared.


“We love Pikmykid in Fairport because it keeps our families secure and safe. They know where their kids are. We know where their kids are. And It’s Wonderful.”

Dr. Tanya Wilson-Thevanesan,
Deputy Superintendent of Fairport Central School District in New York


Manage It All From One Place

Whether you’re in the car line, releasing students from the classroom, or helping kids onto the bus, our platform lets you manage the process simply. By using a cloud-based platform, you can make real-time updates that keep everyone on the same page without purchasing additional hardware.


Empowered By World Class Onboarding & Support


“We love that Pikmykid can be accessed from any phone, tablet or computer. Even our teachers that are afraid of technology have been able to use the system. We love the access to customer service!”

Rebekah G., Director of Operations and Admissions