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What makes School Datebooks the right choice?

School Datebooks is the industry leader in providing student planners to schools in the United States and has always operated with the goal of being a trusted, reliable partner in the K-12 and Collegiate markets.

Since 1985, we have been working with our communities and schools to develop and provide the best time-management tools on the market. We’re proud to have grown from a handful of local schools to over 18,000 over the last 35 years.

Our experience with schools is unparalleled.
35 years in the business and you get to know people. You learn all about their processes, their pain points, and how to make them the hero of their own story. Our products are catered to the needs of students and we’re constantly evolving in order to provide the best product at the price point schools need.
We’re equipped with a robust sales and customer service team.
Never worry about reaching potential customers. We have over 30 Sales and Customer Service Representatives ready to help sell product and ensure it gets delivered on time. Our team helps schools pick the right product, whether that means providing them with the most budget-friendly options or giving them all the customizations in order to produce something uniquely theirs. Every student deserves the tools to help them succeed.
Our reach is over 18,000 schools and growing.
Even in the digital age, our print products are still reaching more students than ever. Research indicates students achieve more with a printed planner, and we’re excited to share those results with schools across the United States. And the majority of those schools agree, printed planners are a key tool to improve student success.

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Brad Metzger

New Sales Development Manager

"Hi, I’m Brad Metzger. I've been with School Datebooks and SDI Innovations since 2003. I want to bring our sales team quality products that help our loyal customers provide the best educational experience. Get in touch and I’ll show you why teaming up with School Datebooks is the right choice. "