2024-2025 School Year

Stock Homework Folders for your Students

Elevate Student Organization with Homework Folders.

Are you looking to change the way your students stay organized? School Datebooks, the go-to datebook provider of schools nationwide, is proud to offer another time-management tool for your students: folders!

Why folders?

Homework folders are the perfect way to keep track of important papers, improve home-school communication, and encourage student responsibility and time management.

Laminated for durability and equipped with sturdy, double-reinforced sides and pockets, our homework folders are the best choice for even the youngest student.

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If you’re ready to experience the difference our folders can make in your classrooms, browse our collection of stock, personalized, custom cardstock, or heavy-duty vinyl folders.

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Schools should use homework folders for several reasons.

  1. They keep students organized by giving them a specific spot to keep their assignments and important papers.
  2. They can help improve communication between teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can create a system to send important notices, permission slips, and forms that need parental signatures. Parents can use the folder to send messages or notes to the teacher, making communication easier and more organized.
  3. They help students learn responsibility and time management by staying organized and using folders to track assignments regularly. Homework folders help schools with organization, communication, and teaching important life skills to students.

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Choose from stock, personalized, custom cardstock, or even our heavy-duty vinyl all designed to help your students stay organized!

Designed to coordinate with a variety of our datebook offerings, these off-the-shelf pocket folders will keep students organized and on track.

Give your students the written advantage with School Datebooks.

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