Hydrate to Beat the Heat

Being well hydrated means having the amount of water our bodies need to live and be healthy.

For Kids:

Dehydration in Kids: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Information on dehydration for children.
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Hydration Tips for Children (Infographic)

An infographic with tips for children's hydration.
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Think Your Drink Poster

Education resources on the benefits of drinking milk.
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For Parents & Teachers:

Rethink Your Drink

Tips for healthier drink options.
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Think Your Drink

A family challenge to drink more water.
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Healthy Habits for Families

Educational resources and articles for families on hydration and healthy drink options.
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Healthy Habits for Educators

Educator tools and resources for promoting healthy behaviors in children.
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What Water Does for Your Body

A video explaining the benefits of water for the human body.
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How Important is Hydration

An article discussing the importance of hydration for athletes.
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Sugar in your Soft Drinks

A video exploring the effects of sugar in soft drinks on health.
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Choose Water

Tips for staying hydrated with water and recommended daily water intake for children.
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