Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student doesn't have a phone?
While the content looks better on a phone, students can access the content by going to
What if we do not allow students to use their phones in class during the school day?
Students should follow school and classroom rules and protocols for cell phone use in the classroom.
Can I submit my own information for QR codes or can I place my own QR codes in the planner?
While you are not able to add information to the QR codes in the planner, we encourage you to use QR codes in your handbook.
Where can I submit requests for topics to cover that I think my students enjoy?
We welcome your suggestions at
What can SDB Plus do for my students?
SDB Plus gives students access to more School Datebooks content through a digital format.
Can I change/remove/move the location of the QR codes from the book?
No, the location of the QR codes is not customizable and cannot be removed from the book.
Is there a place where I can preview all of content?
There is a demo with content similar to what will be available located at
Is this information viewable on a laptop/chromebook?
Yes, the content is available at
Can I turn off this feature from my planners?
No, this feature is not able to be turned off.
How do I scan a QR code?
For the majority of cell phones, simply turn on your camera app, point it at the QR code, then click the screen when the web address appears.
Are there any privacy concerns with students interacting with the QR codes?
  • Our site is COPPA compliant and follows all applicable laws.
  • At School Datebooks, we will never:
    • Send notifications to your students' cell phones
    • Collect personally identifiable information from students

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