Boulder 24-25 - School Datebooks
2024-2025 School Year
Standard Middle & High School Datebooks

Standard Line

24-25 Boulder

GRADES 6-12 MID SIZE (6.625" x 9")

Inspire student success with the Boulder! With this mid-size datebook, students can easily keep track of their assignments this school year. The Boulder includes numerous bonus features like weekly goals, organizational tools, inspirational quotes, and more.

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Weekly Features

Vertical LayoutInspirational Photos & MapsOverview CalendarCharacter BuildingDaily Hall PassesGoals & NotesBilingual HeadingsBlock ScheduleFactoidsHistoryVocabularyStudy TipsSubject HeadingsHome/School Communication

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Full-Color Pages Weekly Pages Monthly Pages Hall Pass Pages Reference Pages
144 104 12 2 25

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