Classic High Block 24-25 - School Datebooks
2024-2025 School Year
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24-25 Classic High Block

GRADES 9-12 SMALL SIZE (5.5" x 8.5")

The Classic High Block is perfect for high school students and offers ample space for assignments, engaging STEAM fun facts, and weekly hall passes. Use this datebook to strengthen abilities that pave the way for postgraduation success, including weekly goal lists, organized checkbox columns, personal success tips, and thoughtful weekend planning.

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Weekly Features

Horizontal LayoutOverview CalendarCompleted CheckboxesAfter School SectionWeekly IllustrationsWeekly Hall PassesGoals & To-do’sPlanning Activities & TipsBlock ScheduleSTEAM FactoidsPersonal Success Tips

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Full-Color Pages Weekly Pages Monthly Pages Reference Pages
160 104 24 30

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